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Complete your pond - 
Add one of our beautiful Koi Pond Packs.

We are proud to offer you top quality koi and butterfly koi for sale from one of the most trusted Koi farms in the United States. The koi we offer are produced and raised in deep water ponds on their farm in Iowa, bred from bloodlines originating from some of the best known koi farms in Japan. Each and every fish we ship has gone through an extensive quarantine procedure to ensure optimum koi health, and are shipped overnight to guarantee safe travel.

Our koi are carefully bred and selected to feature extraordinary body conformation,  skin quality, color and patterns.

Koi are categorized into several "grades" of quality, based on many factors. Loch Ness offers only fish of the two highest categories: Choice and Elite Koi.

Choice Grade - A vibrant mix of colors and patterns.

Elite Grade - Exquisite patterns drenched in color with top body conformation.


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Koi Fish Pond Pack
Koi Fish Pond Pack
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Butterfly Koi Pond Pack
Butterfly Koi Pond Pack
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Free Shipping
Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
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We guarantee live delivery on all Koi purchased. All Koi go through an extensive quarantine process prior to shipping, however, we suggest quarantining every new fish prior to introduction to your pond or water garden. Orders are shipped on Tuesdays and Thursdays for delivery the following morning. Orders will be shipped UPS Overnight Service and the buyer must be available to receive the shipment. Any death-loss claim must be made within 3 hours of receipt. For the safety of extensive stock no returns are allowed.